About Us

We are a European network for the development and support of psychological anthropology (ENPA), affiliated to the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA). The ENPA network was founded by Dr James Davies, Dr Keir Martin and Dr Thomas Stodulka in January 2018, with a fourth convenor, Dr Anni Kajanus, later joining.

As the number of anthropologists with psychological interests continues to grow in Europe, a coordinated European network has become imperative; one aiming to sustain and nurture teaching, research and student supervision in this area, as well as providing a vehicle through which impact on related public health policies can be facilitated.

We invite anyone with an interest in psychological anthropology or the intersection between anthropology and psychology and/or psychotherapy to join.

NEW BOOK – Liminal Moves: Traveling along Places, Meanings, and Times

Dear colleagues,

Berghahn Books are happy to announce the upcoming publication of Liminal Moves: Traveling along Places, Meanings, and Times by ENPA member Flavia Cangià.

This book looks at the (im)mobilities of three groups of people – street monkey performers in Japan, adolescents writing about migrants in Italy, and men accompanying their partners in Switzerland for work. The book explores how, for these ‘travelers’, the interplay of mobility and immobility creates a ‘liminal hotspot’: a condition of suspension and ambivalence as they find themselves caught between places, meanings and times.

We are pleased to offer a 50% discount until May 31st when purchased via our website using the code CAN489.

Best wishes,
Ben Parker-Jones, Berghahn Books