ENPA Work in Progress Seminar (WiPS)

The ENPA Works-in-Progress Seminar (WiPS), launched by ENPA in October 2021, and run by Nadia Augustyniak, Mona Behnke, Mayssa Rekhis, and Lavinia Țânculescu-Popa on the steering committee, is a forum in which faculty, researchers and postgraduate students present works in progress, receive feedback, and exchange ideas about research in psychological anthropology and allied fields. We meet on the second Thursday of each month from 5 to 7 pm CET.

Each seminar meeting features one or more presentations of work in progress. The presentation format is flexible and open-ended; each seminar includes ample time for discussion, offering a stimulating, collaborative space to foster discussions in psychological anthropology. 

Scholars and students at all levels interested in psychological anthropology are welcome to attend, and no advance registration is required. 

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For more information on WiPS or to enquire about presenting your work at a future seminar, write to: wips@enpanthro.net.

Sessions 2022-23:

Date of the seminarPresenterTitle of the presentation
Thursday, 10th November 2022,
5 pm CET
Xinru Li, PhD candidate, SOAS“Social Pain Points: Young People in the Media Industry of China.”
Thursday, 8th December 2022,
5 pm CET
Naama Cohen, University of Copenhagen“Embodying the Mindset of Computer Programmers”
Thursday, 12th January 2023,
5pm CET
Konstantinos Zorbas, Ph.D“Some insights into a shaman’s rituals of retaliation in a Siberian city”
Thursday, 9th February 2023,
5pm CET
Nadia Augustyniak, CUNY graduate center“Textures of Care: Sociality and Ethics in the Work of Psychological Counsellors in Sri Lanka”
Thursday, 9th March 2023,
5pm CET
Maija Eliina Sequeira, University of Helsinki“Learning Shame, Learning Fear: A cross-cultural comparison of socialising emotions in Finland and Colombia”
Thursday, 13th April 2023,
5pm CET
Dr. Lawrence Blum, University of Pennsylvania“The Surprising Importance of Counterdependent Defenses and Adaptation in Psychology and Culture” 
Thursday, 11th May 2023,
5pm CET
Dr. Lavinia Tanculescu-Popa, Hyperion University“The perception of parenthood in Communism and their implication in todays’ adults in Romania”

Previous sessions can be viewed here.