ENPA WiPS Archive

Sessions 2022/2023

10/11/2022: “Social Pain Points: Young People in the Media Industry of China.” (Xinru Li, PhD candidate, SOAS)

8/12/2022: “Embodying the Mindset of Computer Programmers” (Naama Cohen, University of Copenhagen)

12/01/2023: “Some insights into a shaman’s rituals of retaliation in a Siberian city” (Konstantinos Zorbas, Ph.D)

09/02/2023: ““Textures of Care: Sociality and Ethics in the Work of Psychological Counsellors in Sri Lanka”” (Nadia Augustyniak, CUNY graduate center)

09/03/2023: “Learning Shame, Learning Fear: A cross-cultural comparison of socialising emotions in Finland and Colombia” (Maija Eliina Sequeira, University of Helsinki)

13/04/2023: “The Surprising Importance of Counterdependent Defenses and Adaptation in Psychology and Culture” (Dr. Lawrence Blum, University of Pennsylvania)

11/05/2023: “The perception of parenthood in Communism and their implication in todays’ adults in Romania” (Dr. Lavinia Tanculescu-Popa, Hyperion University)

Sessions 2021/2022

11/12/2021:  “Invisible relations and changing paradigms in UK autism and learning disability services.” (Dr. Joseph Long)

12/10/2021:  “’I am also doing research’: searching for meaning and ways to live with mental symptoms in Ouagadougou.” (Annigje van Dijk)

01/14/2022: “The Spaces of Belonging: Schooling Practice and Self-Making in a Post-Soviet Kazakhstan public school.” (Julia Khan)

02/11/2022:  “Naturally Connected Neurodiversity: Natural environmental connections and identity re-alignment among late-diagnosed autistic women” Katrine Callander – University of Kent

03/11/2022: Two presentations:
“Sometimes you need a break even from your best friends: Partner choice and fairness amongst Finnish children”  Maija Sequeira – University of Helsinki 

“Embodying the mindset of computer programming: The life-world of people engaged with computer programming in the context of transnational programmers located in Tel Aviv” Naama Cohen, University of Copenhagen

04/08/2022: “Gendered religious work and self-making practices among Hindu women in Bali” –  Irina Savu-Cristea, FU Berlin

05/13/2022: “Trauma-therapy in exile: healing in a host(ile) society”  Mayssa Rekhis – EHESS Paris

06/08/2022: “Localizing Traveling Concepts: Permaculture and Green Schooling in Southeast Asia” Thomas Stodulka – FU Berlin