Conference Theme

Psychology and Anthropology in a Changing World 

Psychology and anthropology are disciplines with an overlapping and sometimes fractious relationship.  Today there is perhaps a growing sense of the need for an interdisciplinary conversation from both sides.  The growth of interest in psychological anthropology provides one example of this as does the rise of interest in issues concerning cultural diversity and representation with psy-disciplines on the other.

As in the case of the first ENPA Biennial, this conference will be launched as an inclusive forum for scholars from a wide range of disciplinary and thematic orientations to discuss, theorize and reflect on historically and socio-culturally situated concepts of [i.e. the mind, the body, and their entanglements in cultural, social, and/or political worlds]. Critical perspectives on the concepts of mainstream psychology are encouraged; productive engagements across the disciplinary boundaries of anthropology and cognitive science, psychiatry, philosophy, evolutionary biology, and others will also be welcome.  We also welcome discussion that touches upon contemporary practical and political issues, such as the role of diversity in mental health services, whilst also allowing for a re-examination of related classic or broader theoretical themes, such as how we conceptualise the nature of cultural difference in psychology in a globally interconnected world.

Through a fruitful dialogue within and between disciplines, the European Network for Psychological Anthropology (ENPA) aims to foster new insights not only in research contexts, but also in policy-making, therapy, and healing.

Image: Bing AI interpretation of the conference theme