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Dimitri Chubinidze

Ph.D. Department Head Scientific Research & Development Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, GeorgiaFaculty of Psychology & Educational Sciences
11 Chavchavadze Avenue, Building III, Room #024 Tbilisi Georgia Work Phone: +995514099989 ; 2250484 (3046) Website: http://www.tsu.ge
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Dimitri Chubinidze received his Ph.D. in psychological anthropology from Tbilisi State University (“Georgian Proverbs & Cultural Models of Adaptive Behavior, 2018).  During his dissertation project, D. Chubinidze was trained in psychological anthropology at Emory University and UC San Diego.

Dimitri Chubinidze’s research interests include the study of theoretical and methodological issues of cultural cognition with a central focus on cultural models of person and action, ritualized behavior, problem-solving and adaptive behavior strategies, metaphorical reasoning, meaning-making, theory of mind, psychology of set (Einstellung) and extrospection.

He teaches courses on Intro to Anthropology, Psychological Anthropology, Cultural Cognition, Cognitive Psychology, Attitude Theory, Social and Evolutionary Psychology.

Currently, Dimitri Chubinidze is the head of the Scientific Research & Development Department at the faculty of psychology & educational sciences, TSU; Invited lecturer at Tbilisi State University, Free university of Tbilisi and Agricultural University of Georgia; member of the working group Study of Psychological Set & Attitude Correction at Tbilisi State Medical University and the executive manager of the international Georgian Psychological Journal.

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