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John Loewenthal

Postdoctoral Researcher, The Centre for Research and Advanced Studies (CINVESTAV), Mexico City; Online Course Tutor, Social Anthropology, University of Oxford Department for Continuing Education
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John Loewenthal is a social and psychological anthropologist from the UK. His research has thus far explored the theme of aspiration (What do people want to do with their lives, and why? How are aspirations produced, negotiated, and revised over time?). He has adjacent research interests in such areas as: Higher Education and work, space and temporality, imagination and the life course, and person-centred and existential approaches. His PhD thesis was entitled: ‘Aspirations of university graduates: an ethnography in New York and Los Angeles’. A key notion that has been developed and published from this research is that of ‘fateful aspects of aspiration’ whereby young adults became constrained to life paths and proceeded to reckon with their pasts and futures.

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