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Dr. Jonas Ecke, scholar-practitioner in the field of humanitarian aid, is a trained anthropologist. He received his PhD in Anthropology at Purdue University in the United States. Dr. Ecke’s current research focuses on the psychological changes that occur during the post-return integration of refugee returnees in Liberia, West Africa. He has also gathered extensive work experiences with international humanitarian aid organizations in several African countries (e.g. CARE in Ghana, Mentor Initiative in Liberia and Everyday Peace Indicators project in South Sudan).”

Dr. Jonas Ecke said: “I should mention that my research on (the continuities and discontinuities) in trauma following displacement is only just beginning.  My previous research was on discontinuities and discontinuities in religious changes in exile and following the repatriation.  I want to bring these religious theories into conversation with psychological findings on continuities and discontinuities following traumatic experiences”.

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