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Leberecht Funk

PostDoc Researcher Freie Universität BerlinSocial & Cultural Anthropology
Steinberg 6 Wutike OT Steinberg Germany 16866 Work Phone: +49 (0)177 40 20 446
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Leberecht Funk holds a PhD in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. His work focuses on childhood & socialization, emotion & affect, social relations, indigenous cosmologies, personhood, and the life course. He has conducted long-term fieldwork among the indigenous Tao people on Lanyu island (Taiwan) from 2010-2011 (Society, Cosmology and the Socialization of Emotion among the Tao in Taiwan, 2020). His new research explores the role of caregiving in attachment formation.

Recently published:

  1. Society, Cosmology, and Socialization of Emotion among the Tao in Taiwan. PhD dissertation, Freie Universität Berlin https://refubium.fu-berlin.de/handle/fub188/28122
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