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Matyáš Müller

Researcher National Institute of Mental HealthSocial Psychiatry
Work Phone: (+420) 283 088 286
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Matyáš Müller takes part in several projects in the NIMH, currently being mostly involved in the project Destigmatization which is a part of the reform of the mental health care in Czech Republic. He used to work in a community mental health care facility where he also conducted research for his master thesis. He studied general anthropology in Prague, psychological and psychiatric anthropology at Brunel University in London and did his Ph.D. studies at a Faculty of Science at Prague – program philosophy and history of science. His areas of interest include: I. broader cultural, historical and philosophic context of psychiatry, II. the subjective experience of people with mental illness (what metaphors including religious they use to understand it, what it existentially means for them and what resources for recovery they find), III. interaction of Western mental health care practices and non-Western/alternative healing methods. Apart from that, he is in the psychotherapeutic training – body-oriented school.

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