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Paola Tiné

Research Fellow School of Social Sciences, The University of Adelaide, AustraliaDepartment of Anthropology and Development Studies
Adelaide SA 5005, AUSTRALIA
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Paola Tiné is a Research Fellow at the University of Adelaide (South Australia). Her doctoral work was in ethnopsychological study of the emic notion of ‘mutual understanding’ in domestic settings among an emerging middle class in the Nepali city of Bhaktapur. Building upon fifteen months of ethnographic fieldwork research in 2018-2019, it asks the question of how Newar middle-class people are revising domestic relations and moralities in the pursuit of well-being and how household members conceive of domestic duties and ultimately build their sense of moral selves through a redefinition of the Hindu concept of dharma. Dr. Tine’s current research focuses on the use of participant drawing to explore emotional states, particularly in contexts of distress

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