Prize for a Remarkable Published Paper in 2021 awarded to Samuele Poletti

It is our pleasure to announce that the annual
Prize for a Remarkable Published Paper in 2021 was awarded to Samuele Poletti for the paper titled:

The Good, the Dead and the Other: Chronicles of a Nepali Phantasmicide.

The paper was published in ETHOS.

The paper was selected by the ENPA convenors, who concluded:

This is a wonderful paper that critically engages with the notion of psychological transference, offering an analytical alternative that draws from the local understanding of personhood in Sinja, Nepal. It focuses on a fascinating narrative of phantasmicide, committed by an interlocutor, Laxmi, in his childhood, as an example of an experience that lives across people, intersubjectively. From rich ethnography, Poletti develops a sophisticated argument that has broader implications for anthropology of experience, which has had the individual subject at its centre. Poletti moves away from Individual-I, towards intersubjective-I, that emerges and reattaches to particular situations and relationships.






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