Prize for a Remarkable Published Paper in 2021 awarded to Samuele Poletti

It is our pleasure to announce that the annual
Prize for a Remarkable Published Paper in 2021 was awarded to Samuele Poletti for the paper titled:

The Good, the Dead and the Other: Chronicles of a Nepali Phantasmicide.

The paper was published in ETHOS.

The paper was selected by the ENPA convenors, who concluded:

This is a wonderful paper that critically engages with the notion of psychological transference, offering an analytical alternative that draws from the local understanding of personhood in Sinja, Nepal. It focuses on a fascinating narrative of phantasmicide, committed by an interlocutor, Laxmi, in his childhood, as an example of an experience that lives across people, intersubjectively. From rich ethnography, Poletti develops a sophisticated argument that has broader implications for anthropology of experience, which has had the individual subject at its centre. Poletti moves away from Individual-I, towards intersubjective-I, that emerges and reattaches to particular situations and relationships.


A note from the new ENPA convenors

First of all, thank you to all the members and interested colleagues who have joined our network meeting at EASA2022. As newly (re-)elected convenors, we, Anni Kajanus, Suzana Jovičić, and John Loewenthal would like to express our gratitude to the outgoing convenors James Davies, Keir Martin, and Thomas Stodulka, who initially set up the now-thriving network in 2018. We are very much looking forward to working for the network and welcome any future initiatives by ENPA members. Please feel free to approach us if you would like to contribute to the network and if there is something the board can support you with. 

Apart from the convenors, our board members will remain on the team and continue their brilliant work: Maija-Eliina Sequeira remains in charge of the blog (for potential blog contributions please write to; Mayssa Rekhis and Mona Behnke will continue to run the Junior Faculty meetings (for participation please write to, Lavinia Țânculescu-Popa will continue to be in charge of the members directory (to feature your profile on the ENPA website, please write to and our Works-in-Progress Seminar will continue to be run by Nadia Augustyniak, Mona Behnke, Naomi Leite, Mayssa Rekhis, and Lavinia Țânculescu-Popa (for participation please write to 

If you would like to get involved in the running of the network, we are currently looking for support regarding the running of the website, social media and the blog. Please get in touch if you are interested. 

ENPA Junior Scholars @EASA2022: “Co-imagining an alternative intellectualism: an open space”, July 28th, 13.15 (lunch event)

How can we break down the borders of our intellectual communities, for them to be more inclusive, egalitarian, humble, and radical in impacting the world? 

That will be the question we would like to explore, collectively, during this lunch event.

This lab brings together scholars committed to building an alternative academia grounded in openness, collaborative processes of knowledge creation, and horizontal solidarity. We draw on our diverse experiences of attempting to create such alternatives from two distinct yet interconnected perspectives. The first, as Indigenous and minority scholars as well as those with strong ties to Indigenous and marginalized communities who enact an ethic of knowledge creation based on indigenous, feminist community intellectualism and horizontal solidarity. The second, as scholars who have attempted to create spaces within academia that refuse its competitiveness and performativity and enable us to share and create knowledge in more open, honest, collective, and supportive ways. These efforts collide with the larger, vertical concerns of capitalist systems that generate precarity and harm both within and beyond academia. In seeking to transform existing power structures, we thus consider how the knowledge we create is intertwined with the world at large, in a sense always already collective.

Under the themes of transformation, collectiveness, and co-creation, we wish to bring together academics who have similarly worked within, created, or imagined alternative research practices and forms of intellectual communities to share their experiences. Our aim is to highlight how collaborative research structures and processes of knowledge creation can be built, both among scholars and between scholars and the communities with whom they work. What does it take to make such practices and spaces sustainable and ethical? Can we imagine them as a vehicle for wider, structural changes within academia, and if so, how?

As this event will be run as an open space, it will welcome several discussions and collaborative reflections, and co-creations on the question of transforming academia, and our intellectual communities. We will tackle, among others, issues of equality, data sovereignty, indigeneity in academia, solidarity, collectiveness, and the language of critique and transformation itself…

This open space aims to be a time where we can co-imagine the way to transform our ways of doing, based on honest, creative, and radical discussions and collaborations, that can extend beyond the 75 min allocated to the event. 

Applications for ENPA convenorship 2023 – 2026

The European Network for Psychological Anthropology (ENPA) is inviting applications for the ENPA convenorship for the term of 2023 – 2026. Please send a brief motivation letter including a statement on the potential future contributions to ENPA, as well as a statement on previous commitments and participation in the network no later than 30 June 2022 to

The applications will be discussed in the next ENPA board meeting, which is a diverse body representing different positionalities in psychological anthropology.

Selection criteria: PhD or doctorate in social and cultural anthropology, or related fields // previous engagement in the network // motivation letter and future contribution to the network.

Selected candidates will be elected publicly during the next network meeting at the EASA conference in Belfast 2022.