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Photo of Janis H. Jenkins
Janis H. Jenkins
Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and Psychiatry | President Elect, Society for Psychological Anthropology | Director, Center for Global Mental Health University of California, San DiegoDepartments of Anthropology and Psychiatry


Professor Janis H. Jenkins is a psychological anthropologist who has worked in the field throughout her academic career.  She has conducted research on the primacy of lived experience in relation to cultural orientation, structural violence, emotion, gender, and mental illness.  She has theorized the centrality of struggle, rather than symptoms, for “extraordinary conditions” of psychosis, depression, anxiety, and trauma.

Within the U.S., she is currently President-Elect of the Society for Psychological Anthropology.  For more information and publications:

Photo of Rosie Jones McVey
Rosie Jones McVey
Research fellow University of ExeterWellcome Centre for Cultures and Environments of Health



Dr. Rosie Jones McVey uses ethnography to study the diverse ways that people make sense of their own, and other minds. Her PhD (Cambridge University, 2019) investigated human relationships with horses, and particularly, people’s understanding of ‘mindedness’ as part of their ethical relationships with horses. She emphasized the ethical challenges that accompany ‘partnerships’ built without verbal language, and she highlighted the importance of representationalist theories of mind amid riding projects, bucking the trend of multispecies ethnography by leaving horses conspicuously absent from her account (her monograph is Human-Horse Relations and the Ethics of Knowing, Routledge, 2023). Dr. Jones McVey then took up a Junior Research Fellowship at Christ’s College, Cambridge, investigating equine-assisted therapies for UK Youth, and took forward her interest in ethics and representationalism. She has written papers about the ethical/political portrayal of young people’s goals, voices, and ‘outcomes’. She also has an interest in the way judgments, values, and responsibilities shape and are shaped by physical space. Dr. Jones McVey now studies ‘The Moral Terrains’ of Green Social Prescribing, on a Wellcome Trust Early Career Fellowship, based at the University of Exeter – project details here:

Photo of Suzana Jovičić
Suzana Jovičić
Post Doc University of ViennaDepartment of Social and Cultural Anthropology

Suzana Jovičić studied Psychological and Psychiatric Anthropology (MSc) at the Brunel University, London and received her PhD in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Vienna with a dissertation situated within digital/design and psychological anthropology and based on an ethnographic study among Viennese youths. She specializes in digital technologies, persuasive design and collaborative and interdisciplinary research. She is currently a post-doc and lecturer at the University of Vienna.

Suzana is ENPA co-convenor.

Photo of Hyang-Jin Jung
Hyang-Jin Jung
Professor Seoul National UniversityDepartment of Anthropology



Hyang-Jin Jung received her 2001 in cultural anthropology from the University of Minnesota, U.S.A. Her research interests lie in the intersection among culture, self, and emotion, with U.S. and the two Koreas as her primary anthropological sites. Her ongoing research projects include the emotional culture of the postmodern American society, the psychocultural underpinnings of the North Korean statehood and society, and education and the socialization of affect in South Korea.

Editor, Korean Anthropology Review |