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Photo of Yichen Rao
Yichen Rao
Postdoctoral Research Fellow University of MichiganLieberthal-Rogel Center for Chinese Studies

Yichen Rao is an anthropologist and STS scholar working on the intersections between the macro-dynamics of digital political economy and the micro-dynamics of human subjectivity, affect, and desire. He is writing a book on China’s fintech users and their monetary desires. And he has a long-term project on China’s young e-sports players who are sent by their parents to Internet addiction treatment programs. He is a licensed psychological counselor and interpreter for psychodynamic training programs between the United States and China.

Dora Rebelo
Researcher Center for Anthropology Research (CRIA) -PortugalPhD Student in ISCTE-IUL (Lisbon)



Dora Rebelo is a Psychologist (since 2000) and has been working mostly within humanitarian contexts, in different countries, supporting innovative community mental health projects.

Since 2017, Dora started a PhD in ISCTE-IUL (Lisbon). She is also a researcher at the Center for Anthropology Research (CRIA) in Portugal. Her PhD research focuses on informal solidarity with refugees and asylum seekers on the move. She is interested in questions of reciprocity, political activism, but also the relationships established between volunteers and activists and people on the move.

Simultaneously, Dora is interested in developing a dialogue between psychology and anthropology, focusing on fieldwork, positionally and intersubjectivities

Photo of Mayssa Rekhis
Mayssa Rekhis
Ph.D. Candidate School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS) – Paris and Linköping UniversityPhoenix Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate Program




After graduating as a Medical Doctor, and working in the Non-Governmental sector, Mayssa received the Phoenix Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate program fellowship in 2016, and started a Ph.D. in the School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS) in Paris and in Linköping University in Sweden. Her Ph.D. is situated in between psychological and medical anthropology, exploring the experiences, discourses and practices related to trauma and trauma-therapies in relation to forced migration and exile, in Stockholm. Her research interests encompass trauma, suffering, psychotherapies, and processes of subjectivation.

For ENPA, Mayssa is a Junior Faculty representative.

Photo of Antonius C.G.M. Robben
Antonius C.G.M. Robben
Professor Utrecht UniversityDepartment of Anthropology



Antonius C.G.M. Robben is a Professor of Anthropology at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. He received a Ph.D. (1986) from the University of California, Berkeley, and has conducted fieldwork on fishermen in northeast Brazil, and political violence, enforced disappearances, and socio-cultural traumas in Argentina. His monographs include Political Violence and Trauma in Argentina (2005), which won the Textor Prize from the American Anthropological Association in 2006 for Excellence in Anthropology, and Argentina Betrayed: Memory, Mourning, and Accountability (2018).

Photo of Meghna Roy
Meghna Roy
Doctoral Research Fellow University of OsloDepartment of Social Anthropology

Meghna Roy is a participant in the comparative ethnographic project Shrinking the Planet, which seeks to understand the global expansion of psychotherapy. She is exploring new middle-class subjectivities in India through participant observation with psychotherapists-in-training. She is interested in the affective dimension of social mobility and epistemologies of psy-disciplines.

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