A note from the new ENPA convenors

First of all, thank you to all the members and interested colleagues who have joined our network meeting at EASA2022. As newly (re-)elected convenors, we, Anni Kajanus, Suzana Jovičić, and John Loewenthal would like to express our gratitude to the outgoing convenors James Davies, Keir Martin, and Thomas Stodulka, who initially set up the now-thriving network in 2018. We are very much looking forward to working for the network and welcome any future initiatives by ENPA members. Please feel free to approach us if you would like to contribute to the network and if there is something the board can support you with. 

Apart from the convenors, our board members will remain on the team and continue their brilliant work: Maija-Eliina Sequeira remains in charge of the blog (for potential blog contributions please write to blog@enpanthro.net); Mayssa Rekhis and Mona Behnke will continue to run the Junior Faculty meetings (for participation please write to juniorfaculty@enpanthro.net), Lavinia Țânculescu-Popa will continue to be in charge of the members directory (to feature your profile on the ENPA website, please write to members@enpanthro.net) and our Works-in-Progress Seminar will continue to be run by Nadia Augustyniak, Mona Behnke, Naomi Leite, Mayssa Rekhis, and Lavinia Țânculescu-Popa (for participation please write to wips@enpanthro.net). 

If you would like to get involved in the running of the network, we are currently looking for support regarding the running of the website, social media and the blog. Please get in touch if you are interested. 






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