ENPA Works-in-Progress Seminar

The ENPA Works-in-Progress Seminar (WiPS), launched by ENPA in October 2021, is a forum in which faculty, researchers and postgraduate students present works in progress, receive feedback, and exchange ideas about research in psychological anthropology and allied fields. We meet via Zoom on the second Friday of each month.

Each seminar meeting features one or more presentations of work in progress. The presentation format is flexible and open-ended; each seminar includes ample time for discussion, offering a stimulating, collaborative space to foster discussions in psychological anthropology. 

Scholars and students at all levels interested in psychological anthropology are welcome to attend, and no advance registration is required. 

To receive announcements and Zoom links for upcoming meetings, please join our mailing list: https://forms.gle/t2MgUtQzqyk9Ni2w9. For more information on WiPS or to enquire about presenting your work at a future seminar, write to: wips@enpanthro.net.

Upcoming Sessions

11/12/2021:  “Invisible relations and changing paradigms in UK autism and learning disability services.” (Dr Joseph Long, Research and Policy Lead, Scottish Autism)

12/10/2021:  “’I am also doing research’: Searching for meaning and ways to live with mental symptoms in Ouagadougou.” (Annigje van Dijk, PhD Candidate, Institute for Anthropological Research in Africa, KU Leuven)

01/14/2022: “The spaces of belonging: Schooling practice and self-making in a Post-Soviet Kazakhstan public school.” (Julia Khan, PhD Candidate, Seoul National University)

02/11/2022:  “Precariously bipolar? Negotiating pathology in the psy-infrastructures of Oslo, Norway.” (Johan Nærøy, MPhil student, University of Oslo)

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