New monthly event: the ENPA Works-in-Progress Seminar

Dear ENPA Members,

Over the last year several virtual initiatives – including the first Biennial ENPA Conference and the ENPA Junior Scholars Group – have brought many of us together to engage in lively intellectual discussions in psychological anthropology and create a sense of connection despite the pandemic’s isolating hold over our lives.

Inspired by these successful efforts, we would like to announce the ENPA Works-in-Progress Seminar (WIPS), a new opportunity for researchers, faculty and postgraduate students to present ongoing work, receive feedback and share ideas about their research in psychological anthropology and allied fields. Our hope is that such a group will foster the informal, chance encounters that most often lead to long-standing connections, intellectual collaborations, and mentorship.

We warmly invite you to an open organizational meeting for the seminar, which will take place on 15th of October at 4:00PM CET, on Zoom. At the meeting we will discuss plans for the upcoming semester, explain the seminar format, and open the floor for expressions of interest in presenting work at subsequent meetings.

The WIPS will meet on the second Friday of every month at 4:00PM CET. Each meeting will focus on a presentation or presentations by one or more participants. The presentation format is flexible and open-ended: presenters may circulate a paper to WIPS participants in advance, but are not required to do so, and the presentation itself can be as formal or informal as desired. We anticipate that most presentations will be between 20 and 50 minutes, followed by at least an hour of discussion: we envision this as a warm, collaborative venue for the sharing of ideas and feedback, rather than for a polished talk + Q&A performance.

We emphasize “works-in-progress” and encourage everyone to share work even at its earliest stages. The group is open to the ENPA community and beyond, including scholars in related disciplines who share an interest in psychological anthropology broadly defined.

We hope to see you at the first meeting on October 15!

Please register here, so you receive the link for the online meeting the day before.

The steering committee:
Nadia Augustyniak, Mona Behnke, Naomi Leite, Mayssa Rekhis, and Lavinia Tanculescu

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